How We Can Overcome Anything

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2018

Oh man am I excited! I am super pumped to share -

For the past year, I have been working my tail off in trying to figure out on how I’m going to break down all the knowledge I’ve gathered in the last 19 years of my life.

I remember it all began with my first personal development book, it was called “Happy”. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the author’s name, it was so long ago. What I do remember, it was the beginning of my life being changed forever (or so I thought).

I was 16 years old and I just couldn’t bare the thought of being extremely unhappy anymore.

How could I have been happy when I had to deal with all the craziness life handed me at an early age?

• Former Drug Abuser (as a child)
• Involved in a gang (as a child)
• Attending 9 different schools
• Growing up in 4 foster homes
• Dropped out at 17
• Not having a bed - sleeping on the floor
• Attempted suicide in high school
• Countless beatings
• And the list goes on… but I’ll stop here.


At age 21, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

And at age 25, I was hit and dragged by an SUV from one street to another in New York City.

Wow, that was one crazy life I had there eh?

I think it’s fair to say I had my ‘good reasons’ to be angry at life back then right?

Well, my life truly began to change after that unfortunate event of having an SUV hitting and
dragging me. I learned life was truly valuable and needed people in my life.

I now live an entirely new life. I have the blessings to say life has taught me several valuable
lessons. It taught me to forgive, let go, and appreciate life (because we have very little time) on this earth.

The moment I decided and chose to stop being angry at life - the entire universe began to open
its doors to me.

Every day I live a blessed life. Every day I wake up and have another opportunity to change someone’s
life and that to me is one freaking awesome life to live.

Yes, I have been scared and terrified to share my story but I also know by me sharing my story it will
touch someone’s life.

So I have spent this last year breaking down everything I’ve gathered over the years to help others live
a better life.

I totally get how each and every one of us go through our struggles in life. Everyday I see a new
Life Coach “being born” or a new Public Speaker rising - which is all amazing! We all need each other to
speak up and help each other live an awesome life.

Every post - I see “3 Tips on this… or “5 ideas to overcome that.” Again all this is great AND the
(only tiny problem with that) - people don’t actually take those steps to do it.

Yes, passion is incredibly important.

Yes, goals are great (gives us direction).

Yes, steps are useful too (it’s a guide).

Let me be clear, I’m not diminishing the value of these ideas.


If it’s as simple as steps 1, 2, 3 then why don’t most people do it?

Answers are usually:

“I don’t have the money”

“I’m not motivated enough”

“This is life - face it”

“Nothing will change”

“I don’t have opportunities!”

Sound familiar?

Well, here is where I am a tiny bit different.

I empower people to discover their own ability to overcome any circumstances that prohibits or
prevents them from moving forward.

And how do I do this?

By uncovering what “self-imposed barriers” have been stopping them.

Each week - instead of me providing you steps on how to approach something.

I will be giving you ONE IDEA on how to start to look at things differently and have you see at 

where you have been stopping yourself.

Because ultimately - it is your responsibility to have your life go your way.

It was true for me as it is for almost everyone on this planet.

If you focus on that ONE IDEA everyday on a weekly basis - your life might begin to change.

I already started posting a few videos on YouTube.

This week’s topic was on Peace Of Mind - and shared my ONE IDEA


Hope you enjoy it and learn from it.

I look forward to serving you on a weekly basis.

Until next time...

You are always more than your circumstances.

You are a gift who can overcome anything.

Be Awesome - Be YOU!

Be Courageous – Be BOLD!

Kryzia Salgado
Entrepreneur / Speaker/ Trainer / Educator on Life


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