How We Can Overcome Anything

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2018

Oh man am I excited! I am super pumped to share -

For the past year, I have been working my tail off in trying to figure out on how I’m going to break down all the knowledge I’ve gathered in the last 19 years of my life.

I remember it all began with my first personal development book, it was called “Happy”. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the author’s name, it was so long ago. What I do remember, it was the beginning of my life being changed forever (or so I thought).

I was 16 years old and I just couldn’t bare the thought of being extremely unhappy anymore.

How could I have been happy when I had to deal with all the craziness life handed me at an early age?

• Former Drug Abuser (as a child)
• Involved in a gang (as a child)
• Attending 9 different schools
• Growing up in 4 foster homes
• Dropped out at 17
• Not having a bed - sleeping on the floor
• Attempted suicide in high school
• Countless...

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