Kryzia Salgado, founder of Highest Being, LLC is an entrepreneur, speaker, and a trainer who has spent almost 20 years reading and studying psychology and human development.

Kryzia’s mission in life is to empower people to discover their own ability to overcome any circumstance that prohibit them from moving forward by uncovering what “self imposed barriers” have been stopping them.

Kryzia believes we always have the ability to elevate our life regardless of the past or current circumstances and/or skillsets.

She travels nationwide to continue to spread the message “knowing is not enough” to accomplish what you want to in life. She offers this education in a constant self-analysis and discovery, which enables you to consistently develop and expand your capabilities and abilities to have a desired and powerful life.

Kryzia has been featured in Curve Magazine, DapperQ and has participated in the largest Queer Fashion Show in New York City with Jag & Co.


Highest Being's Mission is to empower people to reach their highest potential to allow them to contribute and share their gifts to the world.
Founded in 2014 (formerly known as Life Accelerator) is constantly striving for all human beings to uncover their true potential to live a fulfilling and inspirational life. Many of us have had some circumstance happen or dealt with a ‘certain upbringing’ that has us believing we are not capable of achieving much in this world. 

At Highest Being, we believe that can be conquered. We believe with an education that offers a constant self-analysis and discovery will enable you to consistently develop and expand your capabilities and abilities to live a powerful life. We believe if you live this inspiring life the next step is to contribute your knowledge and wisdom to society. 

Once you have conquered your inner world you can conquer your outer world and live from your highest being on a daily basis. With the belief from your Highest Being, the "why" and the "how to's" will show up and you can choose how to contribute to our society powerfully. 



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