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From Rebellion To Contribution


How did I go from gangs, drugs, and alcohol to Harvard? How did I overcome all these obstacles? How did I wake up and decide to live rather than end my life? Then after all this - why on earth would I leave Harvard once I got in? I must be NUTS! 

Here is an opportunity to hear a story that could possibly inspire you. An opportunity to understand why or how I was determined to overcome all of it and why I chose to contribute to society. A story that might inspire you and finally have you believe and choose to contribute powerfully. 

While this talk may sound interesting or not - at the end of the day that decision is entirely up to you. I am just here to inspire and make a difference. My job on this earth is help you see how amazing of a human being you are so you can contribute to our society. 


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You Have A Story


Do you really have a story? What can you possibly share of yourself to others? All we do is just eat, breath, cry, feel, mess up, love, and pass away (on a good year at 85) after our experiences…

What if I told you there’s more to life than what I just wrote above? Would you believe me? What if I told you - you have been lied to about your life? Would you believe me then?

Tell me this… Where does the “what is he/she like?” come from? How about “I just had the time of my life!” or even “Omg, I have an amazing family!” Are we just making this up? Here’s my favorite one, “It’s not my job to show you!”… Where on earth do these statements come from?

This is where I come in… In this powerful talk, I walk you through a new phenomenon and by the end of it - You will know if you have a story to share. You will come alive and you feel empowered to share (if you think you have) a story - which I know you will.

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You Are Not Your Past


As humans we tend to mix emotions, words, and all kinds of stuff in there VS what we actually experience in life. How and when do we really know the difference?

How about identity? What’s really considered “identity”? Who created it? We all walk around comparing ourselves to each other when in reality - we are just full of ourselves!

In this talk, I discuss about identity and what really determines all this jargon of “identity”. I challenge the audience to think about why THEY have allowed to believe into their limited beliefs of themselves?

Could there be another way of looking at things? Could we actually take responsibility for our beliefs? Is our way the only way? 

Well… we will just have to wait and see.

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3 Benefits From Sharing Your Story

At this day and age, we’re pretty focused on ourselves - actually we’re always focus on ourselves. On one hand, it’s not a bad thing but on the other we forget about others along the way AND we start to make up stories on “how people don’t care about us.”

So honestly, what’s the purpose of us humans existing? Truthfully, I have no idea! But I do know this, once we commit to get to know each other - it makes a HUGE difference!! So while we’re here on this planet of ours - why not make it just a tad bit easier for each other?

So how can we make it a bit easier for us? Come join me at this awesome workshop to understand why it’s useful to get to know each other’s stories. Come and learn the top three benefits and it just might help you “tear down that wall.”

After this workshop, you will want to talk to others and learn more about who they are… and not just a simple “What do you do for work?”


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ABILITY And Its 'True' Definition


Why do most people think they are not capable of doing in accomplishing something in life? Why do people immediately go to the quitting mindset instead of trying to figure out what needs to change? What do I mean by ability and its fundamentals?

What if there is way to really look at things differently? What if this entire time your “limited” beliefs weren’t actually real - AND you’ve been lying to yourself about them?

Come to this exciting workshop and find out what ABILITY truly stands for.


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How To Change Your Perception In Any Situation

Ever felt stuck in any situation? Of course you have! Who hasn’t?

Well, lucky you - there might be a workshop coming your way in showing you how to look at your current circumstance differently.

- How can you really change your perception in something - you ask?

- How do you know what your perception is anyway? 

So what if I can show you a way to look at any given situation (from an outsider’s view) and then take action to change the situation? How exciting and powerful is that?

This may be your opportunity to find out - how you can change your view on any given situation. But to truly make this happen - you MUST FIRST BE WILLING and BE OPEN to accomplish this powerful and awesome skill.

I challenge you to take this on and come join me and find how this can be possible for your life.


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