My Story

Why I Left Harvard To Be A Speaker...

Getting into Harvard Business School was a HUGE deal for me! Especially after having dealt with a very limited upbringing. "Surviving my childhood" was the name of the game for me. I was lost in a gang, lost in drugs and alcohol, no bed to sleep in and my apartment infested with mice and roaches - then - at the age of 12 into the foster care system - like the rest of the poodles...

When I turned 17, I got tired of my life and after these (not-so-fun) experiences – including attending 9 different schools - I dropped out at 17. However, months after leaving school, I realized if I wanted to make an impact I had to change something. So I got my G.E.D. and went off to college.

For college details (I'll leave the juicy stuff to my book)

After college – I followed what society tells everyone to do – “get an education and get a job” and landed at Harvard Business School. I was ecstatic! It was a true blessing. I thought - “I made it. I’m going to be very successful and REALLY make an impact!”

It was a life game changer for me - completely!

But then… four years flew by - I found myself still at Harvard in the same position - doing the same thing over and over again. I became angry, fed up, and stuck at the same time. I would begin a class but would end up dropping it. I realized school wasn’t what I wanted. Writing papers, debating with other students, or taking exams was NOT my way of “changing the world”. Life was happening “out there” NOT in a classroom.

Ironic how life works…

Knowing I landed a solid job at Harvard - I thought "there's NO WAY I am going to leave this job" – it was paying my bills, top notch benefits, practically free classes towards a Master’s Degree and most importantly I felt "safe and secured." So I began to think "why am I not happy with this AMAZING JOB?!

{{LIGHT BULB}} moment!! - I was not changing people’s lives!!

And so…what did I do? - I jumped ship! OMG!! What did I just do??

I left Harvard in pursuit of changing people’s lives. I followed my dreams and became an Entrepreneur, Speaker, and a Trainer in life.

Clearly, I 'prefer the streets' but doing it right this time.

My thoughts were "Well, I've been reading/studying psychology from the age of 16 - wondering "why I had such a crazy hectic life" - so why not put all this knowledge into practice?

Well my friends - that I did. I founded Highest Being, LLC and I now get to help YOU create opportunities and Get YOU Out Of Your Own Way.

Let’s face it; WE all get in our own way!

I live the most fulfilling life I could ever dream of. I wake up every morning grateful knowing I have another day and opportunity to touch someone's life.

As I say "You HAVE A Story" and through that story - it's where you'll have the chance to make a difference in someone else's story.

Who knows . . . You'll probably see Your True Purpose Lies Within the People Who Give You Your Life.

WE are way more than what we were given. WE are a Gift to All.

Until then...

Be Awesome - Be YOU!!



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