"My life has always been of service. My commitment is about guiding others to see their freedom to choose a life they want and are able to create."

My name is Jasmin Pitts and thanks to a wonderful woman I met my life has become a little more easier than it would have been. I was 18 years old when she visited my brother and I at our father's house. I grew up with many emotions and thoughts that I kept locked up and stored away to avoid talking about them with anyone. My childhood was rough like many childhoods are, but my way of bottling up my problems was getting the best of me. As we sat down to speak about the little things that bothered me, Kryzia told me that I shouldn't keep them to myself. We talked out reasons to why I had difficulties in understanding my situations and how I could work towards coping with them. She taught me that no matter what I should always talk it out with someone. I honestly can say that Kryzia is one of the reason my relationship with my family has improved about 80% if not more. Kryzia showed me that not everything that happens is my fault and even though it might sound unfair sometimes it is best to just accept it and find the positive things in my negative situations. Drastic changed in my perspective on my loved ones have taken place in my life as well as an increase of patience to deal with any obstacle that comes my way. There are plenty of coaches out there, but I would go to Kryzia for anything not only because she is blunt with me whether it hurts or not but because her way of helping others is very sincere, straight from her heart." 


“When I first came to Kryzia Salgado, I was in distress about my role as a mother, daughter and as a contributing member of society. I knew I was a good mother but also knew I could be better. I always tried to be the perfect daughter even though I was an adult and capable of making my own decisions. My focus was also not on my purpose in life and I allowed everyone else's opinions of me to cloud my own.

Kryzia opened me up to seeing my full potential in all these areas by taking the time and to specifically pinpoint what I wanted each of these roles to look like for me through activities and guidance and coaching. She has been with me through every step of the way through my evolution into the person I wanted to be.

Today, I have become a mother that is not only getting more out of life with her children but also my children are getting an example of a happy fulfilled mother who has more time to spend with them and less time in distress and depression. I have become more focused on my goals and not allowing the opinions of family and society blur my path. I am able to now view my mistakes as lessons and use them as tools to achieving my goals. I feel free and fearless. I am a better mother, daughter and person overall thanks to Kryzia Salgado. I cannot thank her enough.”


"Books of Hope Boston was beginning the month of November with a goal to motivate our participants in the program with Loving one’s self. I couldn’t think of a better person to be involved with other then Kryzia for her confident approach in motivating one’s self-esteem. That’s why I was filled with excitement once hearing Kryzia Salgado was going to facilitate her workshop with us at Lena Park Community Development center. The exercise that was developed and instructed by Kryzia was so well presented with her straight-forward approach it made her lesson more relatable and enjoyable to participate. She was brilliant and sincere in sharing her own experience with us allowing my students to want to be the best version of themselves. It was all inspiring and filled with optimism to be able to see the support and guidance that was offered through the Self-love workshop. The students and I were filled with joy and a new perspective on our lives after leaving her class. It was a grand success knowing that our goal of teaching our students to have more love and appreciation for themselves was such an accomplishment for our program."




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